Universal DTMF Encoder

ENC-3300-DTMF Features

The ENC-3300-DTMF encoder is an uncomplicated DTMF store and forward encoder which simplifies sending paging and command codes. Each button is customer programmed with one or more Dtmf paging codes. The operator simply presses the button to initiate the paging action. An LCD screen, LED indicators and alert tones all provide continuously updated status of the transmission.

Independent Button Actions

Each button is can hold up to 128 characters of DTMF code and operation instructions. The operation instructions include pauses, auxiliary relay and transmitter PTT control, operator alert signals, custom LCD screen messages and more.

Multiple DTMF codes of varying lengths can be stacked and sent with the press of a single button. In addition to the standard DTMF characters 0-9, * and #, it also generates the additional four alpha characters A, B, C and D.

Exclusive Tap-2™ Safety

To prevent accidental activation, individual buttons can be set to Tap-2 operation which requires the operator to press the button twice within 15 seconds. A message appears on the screen after the first keypress and prompts them to press the button again to complete the transmission. A countdown timer on the screen and audible alert tone every second keep the operator aware of the remaining time. The signals are transmitted if they press the same button again before the time expires. If no second press is made the ENC-3300 indicates no signal was sent and the ENC-3300 records the failed event in the action log.

Easy Setup

Programming and setup is quickly accomplished using the Micro SD memory card to transfer the information between your laptop and the encoder.

There are no computer cables or interface drivers required.

Free Development Software

Free Integrated Development Software (IDE) software is included with each unit so you can quickly setup your encoder with new codes and information, or modify an existing setup.

The graphical IDE operates with Windows 7, XP and W2K operating systems.

Even without the IDE it's easy to make fast changes using a standard text editor such as Windows Notepad, Apple TextEdit or Linux/Unix editors like GEdit, Vi or Nano.

Activity Logging

The encoder monitors the keypad as well as other parameters and logs activity to the micro SD memory card.

Information and events are recorded as they happen and include the date and time of the activity. The activity log can be reviewed at any time using a standard text editor, or it can be imported into a spreadsheet for additional analysis.

  • Activation button presses

  • Successful DTMF code generation

  • Timeout due to carrier detect wait

  • Power-up

  • ESC keypress

  • Update/Changes to the program setup

  • Incorrect button presses

  • Aborted transmissions

Twenty-eight button labels with pre-printed icons are included with each ENC-3300. The icons cover activity including ambulance, fire, sirens, lights, evacuate and hazardous material events.

In addition, a blank label sheet is also included which you can use to can make your own custom icons labels or text based button labels.

The labels are pre-cut and use adhesive which allow them to be removed and changed as necessary.

Remote Button Interface

The ENC-3300 is equipped with additional protected input header which allows you to attach pushbuttons, logic controllers, keyed switches or other external devices to initiate transmission.

This makes it easy to customize the activation of your system with external switches while the encoder still handles all the code generation, interfacing with the two-way radio, activity logging and channel wait duties.

Each of the eight inputs has it's own connection point so you can use one or many depending on your application.


With it's programmable nature, the RXC-3000 uses are limitless. Here are just a few...

  • Outdoor Warning Sirens

  • Fire Station PA Systems

  • Gate Movement

  • Rail Heaters

  • Lighting Control

  • Access Control

  • Lift Stations

  • Public Safety Maps

  • Police Department Access

  • Communications Tower Lighting - Control / Alarm

  • Pump Activation

  • Agricultural - Irrigation - Ventilation Control

  • Grain Movement - Remote Motor Control & Sequencing

  • Power System Control

  • Distributed Systems

  • Industrial Plants & Machines