Alert 600™

High Power Electronic Siren

High Power Alert and Warning system

Self-contained and designed to operate in some of the most extreme environments, the Alert 600™ stands ready to deliver high power alert signals, live and pre-recorded messages wherever they're needed.

Available in configurations for local button control or remote activation using VHF, UHF radio channels, license-free digital wireless activation and other radio bands. It can also interface and be activated from external controls such as SCADA systems and distributed sensors.

  • 20 different siren & alarm sounds are standard and can mix with customized signals.

  • VHF and UHF radio models deliver live messages.

  • Digital voice playback module stores up to 98 custom voice messages or alarm sounds.

The standard internal battery can keep it operating for several days in the event of a loss of external AC power. Optional solar charging systems are available for total "grid-free" operation.

Lightweight - Quick Installation

Weighing only 69 lbs (31.3 kg) the siren head is easily carried and mounted at the best location. At just 12 inches (30.5cm) high it presents extremely low wind resistance outdoors and extra headroom when suspended indoors.

The control cabinet weighs only 46 lbs (21.9 kg) and can be located up to 50 feet (15.2 meters) from the siren head for the best working configuration.

After attaching a heavy-duty mast, the siren head is rotated into position and secured.

Exact mounting configuration depends on location. Some options are; non-penetrating roof mounts, free-standing pole brackets, and roof edge mounts.

In this install, the control cabinet is mounted on the same mast as the siren head. The controls can however be mounted up to 50 feet away.

Optional solar charging panels are mounted in the same fashion.

Pre-formed cables are included with the Alert-600. One cable connects the controls to the siren head. If the optional solar charging system is ordered, then a cable between the solar array and control cabinet is also included.

Indoor mounting is just as easy. Depending on your building, the speaker array can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a support column or wall.

Control cabinets are usually mounted at floor level and plugged into the speaker array using the included cable for an easy "click-twist-lock" connection.

Flexible Activation

The eight channel system can be activated by ....

  • Portable radios.

  • Dispatch centers.

  • Emergency push button stations.

  • Mobile radios.

  • License free digital wireless.

  • Encrypted mesh radio network.

  • Local push button or key switch.

  • Time-clock activation.

Activation range can be suited to your requirements from local buttons up to remote control from anywhere in the world.